Web3 VoIP by 3NUM: Unlocking The Future Of Secure Communications

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3, where decentralization and blockchain are reshaping industries, the realm of communications is experiencing a transformative shift driven by the advent of Web3 VoIP pioneered by 3NUM. This innovative solution is a paradigm shift for billions of mobile subscribers, expanding on the advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with Web3 technology, creating a new standard for security and privacy in telecommunications.

The Birth Of Web3 VoIP

3NUM's Web3 VoIP represents an intersection between Web3 and VoIP technology.

1. Web3 Mobile Numbers

The first key difference with Web3 VoIP is the use of cryptographically secure Web3 addresses as communication end points. In order to connect secure Web3 addresses with existing phone numbers, 3NUM invented the world’s first Web3 Mobile Number. 3NUM’s Web3 Mobile Numbers are used to bridge the telecommunications network with internet based communications using web3 addresses.

2. End-End Encryption

3NUM’s Web3 VoIP architecture brings key security improvements over traditional VoIP and telecom protocols with fully end-end encrypted communications.

Supporting E2EE communications starts with having cryptographically secure messaging endpoints. Unlike with traditional phone numbers, Web3 addresses can be used to initiate encrypted messages

Next, 3NUM’s communications protocol is fully encrypted, meaning any message or call placed to another user is completely secure! In contrast, messages and calls sent over the existing telco network are not encrypted.

3. Crypto Functionality At The Core

Web3 is at the heart of 3NUM’s next generation communication network, unlocking unique features that are just not possible with traditional VoIP. Some of those features include native payments with the ability to send crypto directly to anyone’s mobile number, privacy preserving verifiable credentials to give users control over their data, messaging groups comprised of verifiable on-chain ownership, and much more! 

4. Backwards Compatibility

What makes 3NUM’s Web3 VoIP unique is its ability to seamlessly interoperate with the existing telephony network that currently connects over 5 billion mobile subscribers. This backwards compatibility provides a viable upgrade path into the future of trusted communications, without compromising the convenience existing mobile subscribers expect out of their mobile plan.

The Future Of Web3 VoIP With 3NUM

3NUM's Web3 VoIP emerges as a beacon of innovation and security in the ever-changing landscape of decentralized communications. With a commitment to privacy, transparency, and collaboration, this solution not only meets the demands of the Web3 era but also sets the stage for the future of secure and trust-centric communications!

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