3NUM NFT Phone Numbers Are Changing The World Of Telephony As We Know It

The world of telephony is about to experience a paradigm shift with the introduction of 3NUM NFT phone numbers. These mobile numbers are minted as ERC-721 NFTs which are stored on a blockchain and managed by a wallet, providing users with a new level of security and control.

One of the biggest advantages with 3NUM NFT Phone Numbers is the added security they provide. Because 3NUM NFT Numbers are blockchain native, they are resistant to tampering and fraud including SIM Swapping or ID Spoofing. Their cryptographic architecture also eliminates the need for traditional verification methods using SMS or phone calls, which are often used to verify identity but can be vulnerable to many types of fraud. This also means that by being cryptographically secure endpoints, end-to-end encrypted messaging is enabled by default.

Additionally, 3NUM NFT Numbers are portable and function independently from a SIM card. This means that a 3NUM NFT number can be used with any device that is connected to the internet, eliminating the need for a traditional cellular plan. This bifurcation between a 3NUM NFT number and the network gives greater security and control to the user while significantly reducing the risk of spam. You could think of the messaging layer like encrypted VOIP with a cryptographically secure phone number. 

This also means that users only need their 3NUM NFT Number and a data connection to securely interact with 5.1 billion mobile subscribers and 100 million web3 wallet addresses! 

This revolutionary advancement is going to change the world of telecommunications and telephony as we know it - by upgrading the identifier used from a phone number to a web3 native asset and replacing traditional voice and SMS with a decentralized encrypted VOIP layer that will enable users to securely communicate with the world! 

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