Meet the people behind the worlds first crypto number

About our team.

Chris is a start-up veteran who has been involved with crypto since 2016. He led development of market-leading VPN products at WatchGuard, and founded and sold security company Napera Networks prior to founding an early  self-sovereign identity project, lifeID.

Brad Robel-Forest

Head of Engineering

Brad is an engineering veteran who has led many development teams, most recently at Unity, and has implemented and contributed to several security and privacy algorithms and protocols at companies including WatchGuard and Napera Networks.

Brian Gershon

Senior Engineer

Brian is an engineering stallion with loads of experience in both the web3 and web2 world. He was a core developer on the POGs NFT project and was an early contributor in the Developer DAO. Prior to web3, Brian led the Unity Dashboard platform engineering teams at popular game development company Unity.

Joshua Shane

Community and Operations

Josh has decades of startup experience with 6 years specifically being in Web3. He served as the CMO of ConsensSys led Uport and lifeID and has spent time at fortune 500 tech companies including Intel and Microsoft.

Tyler Boscolo

Head of Product (Technical) & Growth

Tyler is a startup maverick who has scaled and exited multiple companies in the web2 space and has worked for 6 years in the web3 world, including serving as COO of lifeID.

Montana Wong


Montana is a leader in the NFT and Web3 space. He is currently the Co-founder of Sprise, a web3 product studio and agency. He has worked with notable projects including MyBFF and Club CPG and was a founding engineer at AWS Managed Blockchain.

Our Investors:

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