3NUM Shield

The World's First Web3 Mobile Number

Mint Your 3NUM Shield

The World's First Web3 Mobile Number

3NUM Pricing

Get your web3 Mobile Number

Unlock All The Features of 3NUM

.015 Eth

Renews Annually


No-Dox Number

3NUM Shields are purchased with crypto and require zero kyc info, meaning they can be used as a trusted, no-dox number for popular anywhere a phone number is needed!

No SIM Swaps

3NUM Shields are controlled by your wallet and do not rely on SIM cards. 3NUM Shields cannot be ported preventing all risks of a SIM Swap

Shielded Numbers

The underlying number of a 3NUM Shield is never made public. Instead, it is hashed and used as the tokenID during the minting process.

Wallet Secured SMS 2FA*

3NUM Shields are solely controlled by a users wallet. This means SMS 2FA codes sent to a 3NUM Shield can only be access
*Available for certain websites


What blockchain are 3NUM Shields minted on?
Do 3NUMs work with every website?
What type of number am I getting?
Can I message any phone number?
Do I get to choose my own number?
What happens if there is an issue with my number?
What happens if I forget to renew my 3NUM
What wallets are supported?