ENS Digits + 3NUM = Ultimate Web3 Mobile Number!

ENS is a vital component to the Ethereum ecosystem and has fundamentally changed the way users experience and interact with web3. By transforming clunky 42-character wallet addresses into human readable names the ability to interact with one another on-chain is made dramatically better. The applications of ENS are just as expansive as regular wallet addresses — with one key difference — these human readable names have become collectable due to their potential for rarity or uniqueness. As such, the desire for collecting different types of ENS names has grown exponentially, including number based ENS names (often referred to as Digits) with the most collectable being the 999, 10k and 100k club (which are 3, 4 and 5 digit ENS numbers respectively).

Many users have analogized using ENS digits as a new “ENS phone number”. 3NUM makes that idea a reality with its upcoming 2-way messenger! The 3NUM 2-way messenger supports setting ENS names (and others) as the default messaging name in the app between fellow web3 users. This means users can receive messages directly at their ENS name, and set it as the default name shown to recipients. By upgrading to owning a 3NUM Shield, users can extend their messaging capabilities to 5.1 billion mobile numbers! This means that ENS Digit owners can use 3NUM to replace their traditional phone number and message all their frens directly from web3!

3NUM’s 2-way messaging app supports end-end encrypted messaging between web3 users, including Ethereum and Avalanche wallets, ENS, Avvy Domains and .lens names. By owning a 3NUM Shield, the world’s first web3 mobile number, users can extend their messaging directly to 5.1 billion mobile numbers- all from the 3NUM Messenger.

3NUM Shield Web3 Mobile Numbers are built for web3 users with their unique functionalities including being anonymous, shielded, unable to be SIM Swapped and are controlled by your wallet. These capabilities allow you to confidently use your 3NUM Shield as the ultimate barrier breaker between web2 and web3.

Getting started with 3NUM as a ENS Digits holder is incredibly accessible!

1. Sign in to the 3NUM messenger with the wallet address associated with your ENS.

a. If you have additional names associated with your wallet address, such as a .lens profile, you can choose to set your ENS as the default name that is shown when messaging other recipients

2. Start messaging your web3 frens by simply typing in their web3 address! Simultaneously receive messages directly at your ENS name!

3. Purchase your 3NUM Shield (a globally routable +1 mobile number minted as a NFT) to unlock messaging between 5.1 billion phone users and create a seamless onboarding into web3 via your ENS Digit!

Purchase your 3NUM here, so you can instantly support messaging 5.1 billion phone numbers at the launch of the 3NUM Messaging app here: https://www.3num.co/