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3NUM Messenger supporting trusted Web3 and Web2 messaging with 3NUM Shield, the world's first Web3 Mobile Number

What is 3NUM?

We developed the world's first globally routable web3 mobile number, called a 3NUM Shield bridging 5 billion mobile subscribers into secure and trusted web3 communications!

Example of a 3NUM Shield- the worlds first Web3 Mobile Number
Web3 Mobile Number

3NUM Shields are the worlds first web3 mobile number created by transforming a +1 globally routable mobile number into a blockchain secured messaging identifier

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Renews Annually

Additional Benefits:

No-Dox Number

3NUM Shields are purchased with crypto and require zero kyc info, meaning they can be used as a trusted, no-dox number for popular anywhere a phone number is needed!

No SIM Swaps

3NUM Shields are controlled by your wallet and do not rely on SIM cards. 3NUM Shields cannot be ported preventing all risks of a SIM Swap

Shielded Numbers

The underlying number of a 3NUM Shield is never made public. Instead, it is hashed and used as the tokenID during the minting process.

Wallet Secured SMS 2FA*

3NUM Shields are solely controlled by a users wallet. This means SMS 2FA codes sent to a 3NUM Shield can only be access
*Available for certain websites

Secure Messaging Supporting Web3 And Web2

Trusted Messaging For All

Sign in with your wallet to begin encrypted messaging with your web3 frens. Upgrade to a 3NUM Shield to message 5.5 billion mobile numbers directly from web3! 

3NUM Messenger supporting trusted Web3 and Web2 messaging with 3NUM Shield, the world's first Web3 Mobile Number

Message Everyone from 3NUM:

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Additional Benefits:

Free For Web3

Start with just a wallet to begin end-to-end encrypted messaging with your web3 frens. The 3NUM Messenger supports messaging between Eth & Avax wallets plus ENS, Avvy Domain and .lens names

Web3 Usernames

Set your favorite ENS or Avvy Domain as your dedicated messaging name that shows up when messaging a new recipient

End-End Encryption

Messaging between wallet addresses, web3 usernames and 3NUM Shields are fully end-end encrypted. Messages sent to traditional phone numbers are encrypted up to the telco gateway

Web3 + Web2 Messaging

Upgrade to a 3NUM Shield to unlock full 2-way messaging between web3 users and 5.1 billion traditional phone numbers

Spam Prevention*

SMS Spam is annoying and potentially dangerous. The 3NUM Messenger puts users in control with innovative spam prevention features to control inbound messages
*Coming Soon

Smart Inboxes*

Enjoy messaging again with intuitive inbox management features to customize your messaging experience.
*Coming Soon

More To Come!

Our team is focused on constantly improving the 3NUM Messaging experience. A full list of what's to come is available on our roadmap article here

End-End Encrypted Communications

Conversations between web3 addresses run over decentralized E2EE messaging protocols. 3NUM is composable meaning it can support multiple encrypted messaging protocols.

Decentralized Telephony Gateway

The 3NUM Protocol stack includes a decentralized telephony gateway that bridges 5 billion traditional mobile numbers to 3NUM Shields.

Voice and SMS Support

3NUM Shield users can access traditional SMS and voice services via the the Telephony Gateway supported by the 3NUM Protocol

3NUM Pricing

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.015 Eth

Renews Annually

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