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3NUM Shield is the first anonymous Web3 mobile number that protects your identity and provides private, secure messaging with your Web3 and Web2 frens! 

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What is 3NUM?

We developed the world's first globally routable web3 mobile number, called a 3NUM Shield, minted as a NFT, for private and secure messaging.

Anonymous Web3 Mobile Number

3NUMs are web3 mobile numbers, minted anonymously into a NFT for a no-SIM, shielded mobile number created and cryptographically controlled by a wallet. 

End-End Encrypted Messaging

3NUM Shields are cryptographically secure, meaning they can be used for end to end encrypted messaging

Legacy Telco Interoperable

3NUM Shields are built from a globally routable mobile number, meaning they can seamlessly communicate with your web3 and web2 frens!

3NUM Features

Web3 Messaging

Message all your Web3 frens including Ethereum and Avalanche wallet addresses, ENS Names, Avvy Domains and .lens profiles

No SIM Swaps

3NUM Shields are fully controlled by a users wallet, and are built with smart contracts, not SIM cards, meaning it is impossible for 3NUM Shields to be SIM Swapped

Shielded Numbers

The underlying number of a 3NUM Shield is never made public. Instead, it is hashed and used as the tokenID during the minting process.

Spam Prevention

3NUM puts the user in full control over incoming messages, and includes innovative spam prevention features to stop annoying and dangerous spam in its tracks

No-Dox Number

3NUM Shields are purchased with crypto and require zero kyc info, meaning they can be used as a trusted, no-dox number for popular messaging apps like Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp

Wallet Secure SMS 2FA

Traditional SMS based 2FA is horribly insecure. Because 3NUMs are secured by a users wallet, 3NUM replaces insecure SMS 2FA with the security of SIWE

Web3 Wrapping

Wrap your 3NUM Shield with your favorite ENS or AVVY domain name, allowing users to lookup and message you via your favorite Web3 name

Full 2-Way SMS

3NUM aims to replace your current mobile plan. With 3NUM users can enjoy full two way sms functionality while only needing data access.

3NUM Messenger

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Trusted Messaging For All

Level up your communications with the 3NUM Messenger! Sign in with you wallet to begin trusted and secure communications with your web3 frens. Upgrade to a 3NUM Shield to message 5.1 billion mobile numbers! 

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