3NUM Announces Funding Round to Launch the World’s First Web3 Mobile Number

Today 3NUM, Inc. is excited to announce 3NUM Shield, the first Web3 mobile number that protects your identity and provides private, secure messaging.

Over 5 billion people in the world use a mobile number as the primary identifier to communicate with each other and businesses. 3NUM is transforming this mobile number into a Web3-native identity to facilitate a seamless transition to secure, private communications and payments.

3NUM Shield was conceived and developed to give ownership and control over communications back to users and their communities. Our priorities are security, privacy and community control of the communications infrastructure we all use.

Our service is transforming SMS and voice messaging with secure end-to-end encryption, replacing insecure legacy mobile numbers with secure E.164 compatible NFTs. Everyone can mint a 3NUM Shield to secure their communication on Web3 and traditional mobile networks. 3NUM Shield solves the identity problem, “who am I really talking to?” while enabling true end-to-end encrypted communications.

We’re incredibly bullish on the private, decentralized messaging possibilities with Web3 and are fortunate to be working with leading investors in the space. We’re also pleased to announce that we raised a pre-seed round led by BlueYard, and includes a select set of investors — Notation Capital, Ace Capital and A100x — representing Web3, telecoms and decentralized wireless.

“The world is long overdue for a private, secure messaging alternative. With a history of fraud, spam, phishing and other kinds of abuse the future of communications desperately needs a focus on security and verifiable user identity.” said David Byrd, Partner at BlueYard Capital. We’re bought into the 3NUM vision, and believe that their team has the expertise and ability to bring this needed solution to market.


3NUM was founded by Web3 and InfoSec veterans with a history of successful startups and product development including VPN products at Watchguard, blockchain-based identity solutions for Consensys and LifeID, as well as senior leadership for Unity.

Launched in March 2022, 3NUM Shield was conceived by CEO Chris Boscolo after getting SIM-swapped. He immediately began crafting a solution that leveraged cryptographically secure blockchain technology to create tamper-proof communications endpoints, solving one of the fundamental problems for communications in the information age. With the newly developing Decentralized Wireless (DeWi) infrastructure, combining 3NUM Shield with DeWi will create the first decentralized, community owned and rewarded messaging layer for private, censorship resistant communications for everyone.

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