Utility At Launch

At launch, our 3NUM Shields will have limited utility for use with our Secure 2FA Service and for trusted use with popular phone based messaging apps like Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp
Secure 3NUM

Secure 2FA

Use your wallet secured 3NUM number with our web application for trusted 2FA!

Stop SMS Fraud 3NUM
Sim Swap Prevention

Your 3NUM number is controlled by your wallet, which means it is impossible for the number to be SIM swapped. You can trust using your 3NUM Shield number in traditional insecure situations

3NUM Shields are no-dox, pseudonymous numbers
No Dox, Shielded Number

Your 3NUM Shield phone number is shielded and we will never collect PII data so you can trust using your 3NUM Shield's number pseudonymously

Coming Q1'23

After our OG mint, users can mint regular 3NUM Shields to use with the 3NUM service
3NUM Shields comes with unique generative artwork so they can be used as a trusted messaging PFP
Unique Artist Artwork

We will continually work with new artists to create unique artwork that 3NUM Shield holders can mint to swap between

3NUM Shields can be wrapped with your favorite web3 domain name like ENS
Web3 Subdomains

NFT holders can name their number by creating an ENS or Avvy subdomain of their 3NUM Shield

SudoNums are ubiquitous
2 Way Messaging

In Q1'23 we will launch the 3NUM messaging supporting trusted end-to-end encrypted 2-way messaging

Coming Q2 / 3'23

We will continue to add features to make the experience even more secure and enjoyable
3NUM Shields messenger will support the Signal Protocol
Signal Protocol Support

The Signal Protocol will be added to the 3NUM messaging app to support end to end encrypted messaging to all Signal users

3NUM Shields will stop SMS Fraud and spam
SMS Spam Prevention

Our unique SMS spam and fraud prevention will be added to the 3NUM messaging app

You will eventually be able to mint 3NUM Shields on additional chains
Mint On Additional Chains

Users will be able to mint 3NUM Shields on additional chains such as Solana and Avalanche

Coming Q4'23 And Beyond

3NUM will continue to extend functionality to build the best secure messaging experience possible! 
3NUM will support multiple messaging protocols
Additional Protocol Support

Additional secure messaging protocols will be integrated into the 3NUM Messaging app including Matrix and other web3 native encrypted messaging protools

3NUM Shields will build additional wallet integration
Wallet Messaging Integration

3NUM Shield integration will be added to existing wallet messaging services to extend the portability of your 3NUM Shield Messaging Identifier

3NUM has more to come!
More to come!

Our team is continually working on new features that will be added to the 3NUM Shield NFT and Messaging Service

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