Say Hello to 3NUM

What Is the ENUM solution

Hello friends, welcome to private secure messaging on Web3!

Today, Web3 users don’t have an easy and secure way to message each other using their NFT, ENS, or wallet addresses. Instead, we rely on apps like Signal or Telegram even though they’re not Web3 native and rely on outdated and insecure phone numbers. With problems like SIM-jacking, SMS spam and scam calls, phone numbers just aren’t safe to use for secure and private messaging.

To get started, we’re updating the Signal platform to work with your Web3 identifiers. As most folks in Web3 know, the Signal platform is trusted by over 40 million users for secure end-to-end encrypted messaging. 3NUM replaces phone numbers on Signal with a novel messaging NFT as a trusted identifier for Web3 users to securely and conveniently message one another. Transforming Signal to support Web3 native addresses, will make it the platform of choice for Web3 messaging and notifications.

3NUM will be the first Web3-native mobile communications platform that is owned and operated by members who can mint their own personalized, tamper-proof 3NUM NFTs in place of their phone number. 3NUMs can be used for communication on Web3 and traditional mobile networks. These personalized NFTs solve the identity problem, “who am I really talking to?”

We’re launching early access 3NUM NFTs to the Web3 community this year while we build the messaging app. While we’re starting with the Web3 community, our goal is to extend Web3 messaging capabilities globally. We’ll talk more about what that looks like soon!

Everyone deserves secure, private communications no matter who they’re talking to. We’re crazy excited about building this and hope you join us.

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