Phone Number Authentication Without Insecure SMS 2FA Using MobileKey, by 3NUM

Businesses continue to rely on phone numbers for website authentication because of their ubiquitous adoption and effectiveness in countering bots, especially when compared to alternatives like email. However, using SMS for authentication is incredibly insecure as phone numbers are highly vulnerable to SIM Swap attacks. MobileKey replaces insecure SMS 2FA with the security of Passkey, while retaining the convenience of phone number onboarding! 

How Easy Is It To Login With MobileKey?

Logging In With MobileKey Is As Easy As:
1. Entering Your Phone Number

2. Signing in Passkey + Biometric Auth

That’s it! It’s that simple.

What Else Is Possible With MobileKey Authentication?

MobileKey is architected in a way that helps maximize privacy preservation for users. As mentioned earlier, businesses rely on phone numbers for their increased assurance in preventing bots. But in numerous instances, businesses don’t necessarily require or desire access to a user’s actual phone number. Instead, what they seek is confirmation that the user is a genuine individual, a verification that can be facilitated through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process used by telecommunications providers when customers acquire a mobile number. With MobileKey, we will offer a verified number credential that users can share with a business as proof that they possess a phone number issued by one of the major carriers. This means users don’t have to disclose their actual phone number, enhancing privacy whenever feasible.

When Can I Start Logging Into Websites With MobileKey?

Secure phone number authentication is currently available to experience with the MobileKey service. If you are a builder interested in using MobileKey to replace your current insecure SMS 2FA, or want to confirm that users have a validated phone number, without needing to collect their number directly, let us know via our contact form.