Safeguard Your Digital Identity- Anonymous Phone Numbers With 3NUM

Phone Numbers Are A Gateway To Doxxing

Phone numbers, once solely associated with making calls, have now evolved into gateways for divulging PII (Personally Identifiable Information). With the vast amount of information collected by telco providers and our digits being tied to various online accounts and databases, phone numbers have turned into digital breadcrumbs leading to a wealth of sensitive PII. It's remarkably trivial to obtain details such as a person's full name, home address, and birth date solely by knowing their phone number.

As a result, many users are hesitant to share their personal phone number because they know how much sensitive information can be collected as a result, leading to exploitative data harvesting to more serious forms of mobile fraud like SIM Swaps.

In light of these revelations, it becomes imperative to take proactive measures to safeguard our digital identities.

Enter 3NUM’s Anonymous Web3 Mobile Number 

A core value proposition for 3NUM’s Web3 Mobile Numbers is that, unlike traditional phone numbers, 3NUM’s are completely anonymous. Acquiring a 3NUM Shield (Web3 Mobile Number) only requires a wallet address. We NEVER collect personal information which means the wallet address that controls a 3NUM Shield is the only correlating factor. 

The benefits created for users here are profound! Everyone is now able to acquire a truly private mobile number, which remains the most ubiquitous digital identifier used by over 5 billion people today.

What About Free Numbers Like Google Voice?

This is a question we hear quite often. Unfortunately, all free VoIP providers, including Google Voice, collect PII data as part of their onboarding process. What’s worse, services like Google rely on your Google Account, which not only provides them with your name, but all the other data Google has already collected on you - a receipt for disaster!

A Bedrock for Web3 Identity Principles 

Another unique benefit of 3NUM Shield Mobile Numbers is that they are capable of leveraging privacy preserving Web3 identity primitives including verifiable credentials and ZK-proofs. These technologies offer ways for users to self-custody their data, and choose exactly what and how much information is shared with third parties. For example, a user could provide a verifiable credential to a website that they are over 18, without needing to provide their actual date of birth. 

By pairing these advancements with an anonymous Web3 number, users can have full control over data, while continuing to use the most ubiquitous digital identifier around. 

FAQ's About Phone Number Doxxing

Q: Can my phone number dox me?
A: Yes, your phone number can be used to dox you and expose lots of private information about yourself.

Q: How does a 3NUM Shield protect me against doxxing
A: 3NUM Shields are anonymous web3 mobile numbers that do not require any privately identifiable information to get.

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