Introducing 3NUM 2.0

The 3NUM team is THRILLED to announce our upcoming launch of the 2-way messaging web app! This is a huge milestone for 3NUM users as it will unlock the ability to message 3NUM Shield holders as well as an additional 5.1 billion mobile users via SMS! This is made possible by 3NUM’s composable infrastructure that can integrate with a variety of protocols, allowing us to optimize for UX every time. A big difference between 3NUM 1.0 and 2.0 is that we no longer require users to mint a 3NUM NFT in order to begin participating in our messaging app. You asked and we answered — 3NUM 2.0 now has even more exciting features, including:


  1. 3NUM 2.0 will only require signing in with a wallet to start securely messaging a wide range of web3 addresses with full end-end encryption including:
  • Ethereum & Avalanche Wallet Addresses
  • Avvy Domains and ENS Names
  • .lens users
  1. Users can upgrade to purchase a 3NUM Shield (~$30/year) to unlock:
  • Secure messaging to 5.1 billion traditional mobile numbers from web3
  • Receiving wallet secured SMS 2FA messages
  • Use of a 3NUM number as an anonymous and no SIM number in situations where you are required to use a web2 mobile number
  • 3NUM Shield to 3NUM Shield messaging
  • Future in app benefits, including Spam Prevention and Smart Inboxes
  1. We have built with the Avalanche community in mind, and today can announce native support of Avvy Domain names and Avalanche wallet addresses, enabling trusted and secure messaging for these communities and ecosystems
  2. Users can set their favorite Web3 username (i.e. their ENS, Avvy Domain or .lens name) as their permanent messaging name shown to a recipient — enabling customized user experiences

The 3NUM Messaging app will be available to OG 3NUM holders in early May, and a full rollout will launch late May. OG 3NUM holders can help web2 and web3 frens ‘skip the line’ by inviting them to early access in the 3NUM app. This way many more can experience secure messaging with the ability to upgrade to a 3NUM Shield earlier than before!

You can grab your 3NUM Shield to use with our current functionality here:
And make sure to join our waitlist to be notified about the release of 3NUM 2.0 here: