Connecting 5 Billion Mobile Subscribers to Web3 With 3NUM’s Decentralized Telephony Bridge

3NUM provides users with the world’s first Web3 Mobile Number minted as a NFT, called a 3NUM Shield. These globally routable mobile numbers are created as persistent identifiers on the blockchain, giving users complete control of their web3 messaging identity. 3NUM users can securely communicate with one another via 3NUMs encrypted messaging protocol without relying on traditional telecom providers while also being able to communicate with traditional phone numbers via 3NUMs decentralized telephony bridge.

3NUM Telephony Bridge

3NUM’s telephony bridge could be thought of as decentralized, encrypted VOIP, that routes traditional phone communications into 3NUM’s encrypted messaging infrastructure accessible by 3NUM Web3 Mobile Numbers. It is a game-changer in the communication industry as it enables an upgrade path from traditional phone calls and insecure SMS into secure and encrypted communications without the need for a centralized telecom operator or requiring non-3NUM users to “adopt” a new set of standards and protocols. The 3NUM Telephony Bridge will be ran by node operators as part of the broader decentralized 3NUM Protocol.

Connecting Web3 and Traditional Messaging

One of the most significant advantages of 3NUM’s decentralized telephony bridge is its compatibility with traditional telecom infrastructure. 3NUM Shield users can call and text anyone with a traditional phone number just as they would with a traditional phone plan. This means that 3NUM users aren’t asked to sacrifice the ubiquitous acceptance and convenience of traditional telcom infrastructure, while being able to enjoy the benefits of a secure, decentralized communication system.

Cost Benefits

Another advantage to 3NUM’s decentralized, secure VOIP-like approach is the associated cost savings. Traditional telecom plans are expensive, averaging nearly $130/month in the United States. 3NUM users only need a 3NUM Web3 Mobile Number and access to the internet to experience full telecom functionality without compromises!

Upgrading Insecure Phone Based Use Cases

3NUM’s decentralized telephony bridge plays an important role in enabling businesses to upgrade their user onboarding and engagement to take advantage of all the benefits created by 3NUM with the same phone number-based identifier that is ubiquitously used throughout the world, without cutting support for their non-3NUM user base who still relies on the need for SMS-based authentication.

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3NUM is transitioning the world of 5.1 billion mobile numbers relying on insecure and expensive communication rails, into end-end encryption accessible by an internet connection. Join the revolution today!

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