Announcing the 3NUM Shield NFT Mint

Our team is thrilled to announce that we have officially launched the allowlist for our 3NUM Shield NFT mint!

Mint Details

We are kicking off our mint with OG Edition 3NUM Shields, which is limited to 1000 users. This OG Edition mint is for early project supporters and comes with unique benefits only available to OG NFT holders. Special benefits include unique generative artwork only available during this phase, early access to the 3NUM Service and prioritized access to new 3NUM features, amongst other exciting benefits. The unique artwork for OG Edition 3NUM Shields will be generated upon minting. OG Edition 3NUM Shields will be minted on Ethereum with a mint price that will be announced closer to launch.

The OG Edition 3NUM Shield mint which launched late January of 2023.


Utility at launch:

At launch, OG NFT holders will be able to use their OG 3NUM Shield to access an early version of the 3NUM service. At that time, features will include:

- Wallet Secure SMS 2FA:

Users can leverage their OG 3NUM Shield with the 3NUM service for SMS based 2FA, with the security of SIWE

No Dox, No SIM Swap, Shielded Number

The phone number of your OG 3NUM Shield is private, shielded, has zero PII information and is incapable of being SIM Swapped, which means you can feel confident using this pseudonymous number with popular phone number based messaging services including Telegram, Signal or our version of Signal.web3

Notable Features Coming Soon

- 2-Way Mobile Messaging App

In Q1’23 we will be launching the 3NUM Messaging App which will support 2-way encrypted messaging. This mobile app will enable you to ditch your traditional phone number by offering trusted messaging that solves the identity problem, “who am I really talking to?”

- Signal Protocol Integration

After our mobile application launches, we will integrate the Signal Protocol to enable end-to-end encrypted messaging with 40 million Signal users.

- SMS Spam and Fraud Prevention

Our unique SMS spam and fraud prevention will be added to the 3NUM messaging app, preventing annoying SMS spam and dangerous Smishing messages.

- More to come!

Our roadmap includes a lot of other awesome product features that are posted on our website here

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