3NUM, Inventor of the Web3 Mobile Number, Unveils Web3 dAppVNO (Web3 Phone App) and MobileKey to Safeguard Phone Numbers Against SIM Swaps

[Austin Tx, September 24, 2023] — 3NUM, the project that invented the Web3 Mobile Number, announces two new revolutionary products, the world's first Web3 Native dAppVNO (Decentralized Application Virtual Network Operator) and MobileKey. These cutting-edge solutions are designed to fortify phone numbers against the ever-growing threat of SIM swaps, while onboarding the world’s largest social graph of 5 billion mobile subscribers into end-end encryption and trusted communications.

3NUM’s dAppVNO builds on their existing service and will support a range of notable features including end-to-end encrypted calls between 3NUM users, built in phishing detection, and the ability to set an ENS name as the caller ID displayed when calling any phone number. 3NUM aims to help users ditch their expensive, insecure phone plans with an app service that prioritizes secure and private communications, while preserving the ability to communicate with existing mobile subscribers. 

Additionally, 3NUM announced MobileKey, a new product that secures phone numbers against the risks of SIM Swaps, upgrading insecure SMS 2FA, to unlock Web3 access with phone number accessibility. MobileKey secures phone numbers using Passkey (a new form of passwordless authentication) without the reliance on insecure SMS 2FA that’s vulnerable to SIM Swaps while providing users a web3 wallet only accessible with Passkey and biometric authentication.

"Businesses continue to rely on phone numbers because of their ubiquitous adoption and effectiveness in countering bots, especially when compared to alternatives like email," stated Tyler Boscolo, Head of Product at 3NUM. "However, using SMS for authentication is incredibly insecure as phone numbers are highly vulnerable to SIM Swap attacks. We solved this problem by inventing the Web3 Mobile Number, but recognize the importance of safeguarding existing phone numbers from this type of mobile fraud. MobileKey allows us to bridge this gap, meeting users where they already are and accelerating our mission of upgrading the world into secure and trusted communications!”

3NUM announced that a public MobileKey demo will be available starting at the end of September with features for their dAppVNO coming later in Q4 of this year.