3NUM Accepted For ITU-T Membership To Accelerate The World’s First E.164 Web3 Mobile Number

The 3NUM team is thrilled to announce its membership acceptance into the ITU-T as an associate of Study Group 2. This membership acceptance is an integral step in 3NUM advancing its development of the world’s first E.164 Web3 Mobile Number, called a 3NUM Shield.

3NUM is known for its groundbreaking achievement in developing the world’s first Web3 Mobile Number, which combines traditional telephony with blockchain technology to provide enhanced security, privacy, and control for users. As a member of this influential study group, 3NUM will actively participate in shaping international standards and guidelines with industry stakeholders to drive emerging technologies with its seminal Web3 Mobile Number.

Amongst other responsibilities, Study Group 2 of the ITU-T is tasked with the maintenance of ITU’s International Numbering Resource (INR) database. The INR database includes repositories of the various numbers and codes overseen by ITU; a mechanism for the exchange of administrative and operational information among administrations and private-sector players. This includes specifically designated 882/883 prefixed numbers for international networks and novel use cases.

“This is an important step for 3NUM to help onboard the next billion users into Web3 with our novel Web3 Mobile Number.” Said Chris Boscolo, founder of 3NUM. “Leveraging 3NUM with these unique international codes has been a part of our strategy since 3NUM’s inception, and we view this membership acceptance as a major integral milestone on our journey to upgrade the world into end-end encryption.”

The ITU-T is a specialized agency of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a United Nations agency responsible for information and communication technologies. By joining Study Group 2, 3NUM gains access to a global platform that facilitates cooperation between industry leaders, regulators, and experts from around the world. This membership reinforces 3NUM’s commitment to staying at the forefront of driving user-focused innovation.

3NUM’s membership in ITU-T Study Group 2 underscores its dedication to promoting global standards, and driving advancements in the telecommunications sector. This significant achievement further solidifies 3NUM’s position as a leader and commitment to user focused innovation with cutting-edge telecommunication solutions.

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