Power up your Signal Desktop with Web3

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What's available in this Alpha:

Connect Your Web3 Name

Connect your Ethereum Name (ENS) or Avvy name to lookup and message using just a web3 name.

Message Signal Contacts*

Our Alpha is a port of Signal that can message your existing Signal contacts

Familiar UI

The Signal.web3 alpha uses the same UI as the existing Signal Desktop app, making it friendly and familiar

Full Platform Coming Soon

This alpha connects your ENS or Avvy name to our modified Signal desktop client without the 3NUM NFT. Our full platform will launch later this year

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with this alpha?
Is my number public? 
Will this alpha work with my existing Signal contacts?*
Am I creating a new Signal “account” in order to make this work?
How can I look users up by their ENS or Avvy Domain name?
What platforms does your alpha support?
Can I avoid using my phone number for this to work?
Can I replace my current Signal app with this alpha?
Can I run this alpha in parallel with my current Signal app?

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